Mobile app development

RAWTS Case Study

RAWTS, a leading interior design firm based in Karachi, revolutionizes the design industry. Mirza Saad Baig, the founder of RAWTS, is committed to providing exceptional interior design services with his custom furniture solutions. RAWTS is renowned for its outstanding and creative interior design techniques that transform every venue’s ambiance and overlook look.

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Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is an efficient management software that simplifies the process of clinical trials. Managing patient data, tracking clinical examination, securing user data, and ensuring data encryption, CTMS offers a wide range of features to transform traditional clinical trials into efficient and systematic management techniques.

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PaperJam is an AI web application that streamlines PDF document comprehension and collaboration. It offers secure user accounts, document upload and deletion, personalization, collaborative features, automatic document summarization, and AI-driven Q&A. This tool revolutionizes how users study and interact with documents, benefiting students, professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their document-related tasks.

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Yourteacher AI is an innovative AI language tutor developed for Xiaomanyc. It utilizes voice recognition, reading comprehension, in-depth conversations, and simultaneous learning to engage users effectively. The AI tutor facilitates bilingual communication, performance tracking, and progress monitoring, and emphasizes both active and passive vocabulary development, providing an immersive and personalized language learning experience.

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In Express Expo

The “In Express Expo Mobile App” simplifies event management with features like user registration, ticket storage, special campaigns, payment methods, and event organization tools for organizers. It also enables real-time order tracking, making it a comprehensive solution for both event attendees and organizers. This streamlined mobile application enhances event planning and participation by providing essential event information, reducing costs, and improving task management efficiency.

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Yalla Class

Yalla Class Mobile App, developed by Kodexo Labs, is a comprehensive fitness resource, connecting enthusiasts with nearby gyms, instructors, and personalized training options in Qatar. It offers easy registration, secure payment integration, diverse packages, location tracking, and notifications for users. The app promotes a healthier lifestyle, empowering users to choose their fitness journey with confidence and convenience.

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Foodopea Mobile App and RMS, developed by Kodexo Labs, offer a user-friendly solution for online food ordering, connecting customers with restaurants. The mobile app simplifies the process, allowing easy registration, food category selection, cart management, order history, and payment options. It enhances the dining experience, making it convenient and efficient, while also offering a seamless platform for restaurant owners to manage orders

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