, a cutting-edge, individualized AI tutor created to support rich, in-depth conversations while learning Spanish.'s case study by Kodexo Labs features a striking yellow and black website design set against a yellow background.


The ability to converse in various languages is becoming increasingly important in a world that is getting more globalized. Interactive elements, individualized feedback, and practical applications are frequently absent from traditional language learning techniques. Xiaomanyc, a well-known American YouTuber, contacted Kodexo Labs to visualize their idea and provide a meaningful solution. The primary objective was to provide a personalized and interactive language-learning solution that engages users in deep conversations while learning Spanish.

Solutions is an innovative language learning solution, developed for well-known American YouTuber Xiaomanyc and his audience of over 5 million followers. It demonstrates the power of AI and ML technology in delivering dynamic, engaging, and efficient language instruction. It redefines how users learn languages and interact with language-learning content. By utilizing innovative AI technology to develop an immersive, interesting, and individualized language learning experience, seeks to address these issues.

Key Features of

Voice Recognition

With the use of voice recognition technology, can recognize and respond to spoken Spanish words with accuracy.

Reading Comprehension

The AI tutor, This app has reading comprehension abilities to give the process of learning a language a new level.

In-depth conversations

The AI instructor engages users in interactive conversations to foster critical thinking, opinion sharing, and topic exploration.

Simultaneous Learning

The AI instructor effortlessly combines instruction and interaction, encouraging a comprehensive comprehension of the language.

Bilingual Communication

The AI tutor can communicate in Spanish as well as in English in addition to being able to understand both of them.

Performance Tracking

The Performance Tracking function on this app assesses how well students are learning languages by providing tailored feedback and in-depth metrics.

Progress Tracking

Users can keep track of their language skills as they participate in lessons, tests, and discussions with Progress Tracking.

Track Active and Passive Vocabulary

Lessons with emphasize active usage while bolstering passive comprehension, promoting all-around language proficiency.

The Final Product provides language learners with a ground-breaking solution to practice their language abilities in an immersive environment while learning at their own speed and getting customized feedback.

Kodexo Labs showcases their IT service expertise with a yellow and black website design for on a yellow background.

Tech Stack Used