Case Study – Foodopea Mobile App and RMS

Foodopea Mobile App and RMS connects customers with restaurants, allowing them to order food online easily and have it delivered to their location with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to visit restaurants in person.

Two Mobile phones showing the menu of restaurant from foodopea mobile app and RMS.


The laborious process of searching for restaurant contacts, menu information, and dish prices when ordering food online often frustrates customers and consumes valuable time. The challenge is to simplify this process and create a more user-friendly experience for food enthusiasts seeking convenient online ordering solutions, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and efficiency in the dining experience.


Keeping the requirement in mind, Kodexo Labs developed Foodopea Mobile App and RMS, which offers a convenient solution by simplifying the food ordering process through its mobile app. Customers can effortlessly access restaurant menus, contact information, and prices, streamlining the online ordering experience. This user-friendly platform connects customers with their preferred restaurants, enabling quick and easy online food orders, with the convenience of doorstep delivery, without visiting.

Key Features of Mobile App

Creating a profile

It allows the user to log in or register to the application using an email or username smoothly, without any additional charges or restrictions.

Selection of Food Categories

This feature offers a wide range of food categories, such as Chinese, fast food, barbecue, etc. and the user can select relevant restaurants easily.

Add to cart

The Add to Cart feature stores all the orders, even from different restaurants, in one place, making it easy for the user to review his order before placing it.

Availability of Order History

Foodopea Mobile App and RMS saves all the order history from a user. This feature reduces searching. If the user wants to order the same food again, he has it saved!

Address Book

Here the user can store his address or pick-up location. The user also has the option to pick up his order from the restaurant directly.

Easier Payments

Payments get easier with Foodopea Mobile App and RMS. This app allows the user to choose whether he wants to pay online or pay with cash on delivery.

Key Features of Web App

Search Menu

The user can search for his preferred restaurant from the wide restaurant selection range through the search menu.

Payment Integration

This feature offers payment gateways to users. That means that the user can use his credit or debit card to pay for his order.

Tracking Order

Foodopea Mobile App and RMS lets its customers track their orders in real time. In this way, customers know about their order's whereabouts.

Key Features of Admin Panel

Order Management

Order Management Feature allows adding, deleting, and updating the food delivery application regularly from the dashboard only by the admin.

Monitoring the Orders

This tab is helpful for the admin to monitor and manage the orders. It also displays the order status with the name and address of customers to the admin.

Creating Menu and Deals

This allows the admin to create a menu according to different food or restaurant categories such as local, continental, fast food, and cuisines.

Creating Admin Profile

Admin can easily create his profile. Different options are also available in it including resetting the password, editing, and updating the profile.

Final Product - Foodopea Mobile App and RMS

Foodopea Mobile App and RMS is the ultimate solution, simplifying food ordering with its user-friendly mobile app, providing customers with easy access to restaurant menus and seamless delivery options. It transforms the dining experience into a convenient, efficient, and enjoyable journey.

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