Yalla Class Mobile app – An all-in-one resource for all fitness enthusiasts and Gym freaks

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Mobile phone use can make it simpler to keep up a healthy lifestyle. The infrastructure provided by mobile devices can be used to build low-cost, high-quality tools for behavior monitoring and adjustment. Mobile devices’ inherent flexibility enables customization and personalization, easy access to gyms, and precise fitness tracking. For all the fitness-minded individuals who want to discover knowledgeable teachers or want to take advantage of training sessions at home, our client in Qatar came up with the idea of a mobile application to find nearby gyms, pools, spas, and other workout programs.


Kodexo Labs developers got to work on this project based on the client’s concept. Prior to our proactive development team starting to construct the application, we chose the Agile SDLC while dealing with the application development difficulties. We also designed the structural perspective of the application. Yalla Class offers all users a professional gym setting and permits gyms and specialized teachers to promote themselves in the app and market their products. A strappi admin panel is included in the mobile application to assist our customer in managing subscribers, gyms, instructors, and users.

Key Features of Mobile App

Easy Login/Sign-up Access

The registration process is simple and concise including name, weight, height, email address, and mobile number.

Safe and secure payment integration

The booking system offered by Yalla Class can accept payments in the form of credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers.

Packages and Membership

The Yalla Class Mobile app offers a lifetime membership card without any expiry date, along with other packages and discount offers.

Tracking geographical location

The app tracks the exact location of the user and displays the top gyms nearby. The user is also allowed to choose his instructor himself.


Notifications inform the users regarding their selected gyms along with their packages. This feature also displays the new activities offered by their instructor.

Schedule and Book Classes

Through the Yalla Class mobile app, the user can easily make bookings within the application. He can choose time slots and facilities by himself.

Final Product - Yalla Class

Yalla class mobile application will help you to get in shape, feel good, and will make you feel more confident. You can select your nearby gym and instructors, select packages according to their availability, and avail membership too.

Multiple mobile phone screens with red and white Backgrounds application showing yalla Class.

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