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What is


PaperJam, an advanced AI web application, reshapes document interaction by seamlessly integrating large language models. Offering users a sophisticated and intuitive experience with PDF documents, this innovative solution establishes a new benchmark for efficiency and ease, symbolizing a substantial advancement in the landscape of document interaction. Users can now navigate complexities with unprecedented simplicity, making PaperJam a transformative tool for enhancing how people engage with their documents.


Kodexo Lab’s client, Viraj, identified a pressing need for a tool that streamlines the comprehension of intricate documents. The shortcomings of traditional PDF reading methods, characterized by time-consuming and inefficient processes, prompted the search for an innovative solution. Users faced challenges in extracting vital information, highlighting the absence of tools supporting collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing. Recognizing these gaps, the objective was clear: develop a tool that transforms document interaction into a seamless, efficient, and collaborative experience.

Key Features of PaperJam

File Upload and Delete

With PaperJam’s file management capabilities, users can effortlessly upload and organize their PDF documents. The intuitive file deletion feature enables users to maintain a clutter-free workspace, ensuring that their interaction with documents remains streamlined and efficient. This functionality promotes a sense of order and simplicity in document handling.

User Accounts & Authentication

Through PaperJam’s user accounts and authentication system, individuals can create personalized profiles tailored to their unique needs. The magic link feature adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing users to sign up seamlessly without the need for a password. This ensures a secure yet user-friendly experience, enhancing the overall accessibility of the application.

Export to PDF

The Export to PDF feature in PaperJam empowers users to save and access their notes at their convenience. This not only facilitates efficient information retrieval but also contributes to better organization of critical data. The seamless export functionality adds an extra layer of flexibility, making it easy for users to revisit and utilize their notes as needed.

Notes & Chat Outputs

PaperJam goes beyond conventional document handling by fostering collaborative learning and knowledge sharing through its Notes & Chat Outputs feature. Real-time communication and collaboration are made possible, allowing users to exchange ideas and insights directly within the application. This promotes a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Automatic Summary

The AI-powered automatic summary feature in PaperJam is a game-changer, condensing lengthy documents into concise summaries. This not only saves users valuable time but also facilitates a quick grasp of key points within the material. The innovative use of AI technology ensures that users can efficiently extract essential information without having to sift through extensive documents.

Question & Answer (Q&A)

With the Q&A feature, PaperJam takes document interaction to a new level. Users can pose questions about their documents, and the AI generates intelligent responses based on the content. This interactive Q&A functionality fosters a deeper understanding of the material, providing users with valuable insights and clarifications. It promotes a more personalized and effective approach to learning and comprehension.


In response to Viraj’s challenges, our team engineered a robust AI web application that harnesses cutting-edge technology to revolutionize document understanding and collaboration. The emphasis on robustness ensures the application’s resilience, while the integration of advanced AI technologies enhances its functionality. By combining these elements, we aimed to provide users with an unparalleled platform that not only addresses the identified challenges but sets new standards for document interaction. The resulting application represents a significant leap forward in the realm of document comprehension and collaborative learning.

How It Works

Upload your PDF documents and ask away! We will search and scan the document and return relevant answers to you. If the research and learning engine doesn’t know the answer, we’ll search the web to find an answer and report back. In an upcoming feature, all answers will be given with citations to soruces.

Tech Stack

The Final Product

Through PaperJam, Viraj has not only met but exceeded the challenges associated with document comprehension and collaboration. The user-friendly platform simplifies the study of PDFs, encouraging knowledge sharing among users. The innovative tech stack ensures scalability and reliability, positioning PaperJam as a valuable tool for students, professionals, and anyone seeking to enhance their document interaction and understanding. The comprehensive set of features transforms document handling into a seamless, efficient, and collaborative experience.