No more hurdles and hassles in arranging events from the most effective and efficient event management application In Express Expo Mobile App.

Two smartphones displaying Chinese characters in the Express Expo Mobile App. Stay connected and informed with this innovative mobile platform.


The growth of technology has led to increased reliance on online services for task management across various sectors. Event organization faces challenges due to centralized information, leading to unappealing attendee experiences, and traditional methods struggle with tasks like ticket management, venue selection, and scheduling, crucial for event success. Our client from Hong Kong is willing to have an event creation and management application. Kodexo Labs made that happen!


Kodexo Labs embarked on developing a unique application. We created two interfaces, web and mobile applications, allowing organizations to easily manage event information, ticketing, venue approval, and entry fees. In Express Expo Mobile app, provides event details to users, offers special vouchers, and enables participation in lucky draws. This comprehensive event management system enhances record-keeping, benefiting both organizers and participants and ensuring efficient event management.

Key Features of In Express Expo Mobile App

Register/Login Section

In Express Expo Mobile App Customers can easily create their profile just by providing basic information including name, email address, contact number, and home address.


The tickets purchased by the registered customers are found to be stored in the pocket section. There are two sections: used and unused tickets.

Profile settings

You can easily register your profile by entering basic information. There is also an option for an invitation code for your friends and family. They receive the referral tickets in the pocket section.

Purchasing tickets

All the tickets are available on the ticket tab along with the banners. However, nothing is visible whenever the entry is free.

Special campaigns

A registered customer can buy tickets and enter a lucky draw. The admin notifies him if he wins a random draw to enjoy the special features.

Easier payments

There are different payment methods available for the customer. So, they can pay cash on delivery or make payments online through a debit/credit card.

Key Features of Web App

Event organizer login

They are part of the application for creating and managing events. They can add event pictures in the album section.

Booking management

Organizations have access to arrange or cancel any event. They send all the event booking details to their customers and save every record.

Creating profiles and events

After profile creation, organizations can access four files: Floorplan, exhibitor list, directory, and stage activities to store event details.

Tracking order

With this feature, the customer can track their order in real time which allows the customer to evaluate the exact food delivery time.

Final Product - In Express Expo Mobile App

In Express Expo Mobile app is a streamlined mobile application designed to provide users with essential event details such as date, time, venues, and registration fees. It offers event notifications, ticketing, and special offers, reducing printing costs and the need for a large labor force. The app facilitates online task management with ease and flexibility, contributing to budget efficiency and convenience for users.

The Express Expo Mobile App showcases three smartphones featuring "China" and "China Mobile" branding.

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