Transforming Ordinary Spaces into Extraordinary Living Environments


One of Karachi’s top interior design companies, Rawts Interior Design is committed to creating exquisite ideas, making sure they are carried out flawlessly, and providing custom furniture solutions. Leading the charge was Mirza Saad Baig, who aimed for Rawts, contacted Kodexo Labs to introduce cutting-edge design concepts to Pakistan.


In 2019, Mirza Saad Baig spent six months traveling overseas on a life-changing adventure. The idea for the project came to him while he was traveling in November 2019 after seeing an unusual lamp constructed out of pipes on Pinterest. This revelation served as the impetus for Rawts Interior Design. Once back in Pakistan, Saad discussed his concept with his technical expert friend, Tabish, dubbed his “Steve Wozniak.” Rawts was born as a result of the two of them setting out right away to investigate possibilities.

RAWTS Web App Design

In close collaboration with its clients, Rawts Interior Design makes sure that their ideas become reality. In every project, the team goes above and beyond expectations. The company specializes in creating custom furniture that provides a personal touch to every environment, as well as in creative design concepts and flawless implementation.


Work Specification

Users can designate the exact locations—kitchens, rooms, cafeterias, etc.—as well as the kind of work that needs to be done—at home or an office.

Seamless Booking Process

The app speeds up the reservation process and facilitates users’ expression of needs and preferences.

Interactive Design Information

The app helps people make decisions by giving them comprehensive information about the different kinds of design work that are available.

Collaborative Design Process

Throughout the design process, users can work directly with Rawts Interior Design to make sure their vision is faithfully reflected in the finished design.

Real-Time Updates

Transparency and communication are improved when clients receive real-time updates on the status of their interior design projects.


Efficiency in Design Booking

The app simplifies the booking process, ensuring users can easily communicate their design needs.

Tailored Design Solutions

Clients can collaborate with the Rawts team to tailor design solutions according to their preferences and vision.

Transparent Communication

Real-time updates foster transparent communication between clients and the design team, enhancing the overall experience.

Innovative Design Concepts

Rawts Interior Design brings fresh and innovative design concepts to clients, transforming spaces into unique and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Tech Stack

Rawts Process

Tech Stack


The software from Rawts Interior Design offers a smooth entryway to a world of creative and customized interior design options. With convenient scheduling options and team-based design procedures, Rawts guarantees that each client’s vision is not only realized but surpassed. With Rawts, where expertise meets design, you can elevate your home.