Clinical Trial Management System


What is


Kodexo Lab’s Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) stands as a sophisticated solution designed to revolutionize the landscape of clinical trial management. 

Seamlessly catering to the unique needs of administrators, doctors, and coordinators, the CTMS ensures a holistic approach to enhancing the efficiency and organization of clinical research endeavors.

Clinical Trial Management System - CTMS
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Clinical Trial Management System - CTMS
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Clinical Trial Management System - CTMS


Faced with challenges of managing complex clinical trials, the client articulated a need for a comprehensive solution. They sought a platform that could not only streamline the entire process but also improve data accuracy, facilitate task completion, and ultimately elevate the efficiency of their clinical research initiatives.

Key Features of CTMS

User Management

Support for different roles: administrators, coordinators, and doctors. Robust authentication mechanisms for data security.

Patient Data Management

Coordinators can add and assign patients to specific trials. Patient referral tracking with a comprehensive referral  history.

Clinical Examination Tracking

Doctors input examination details with visit type, date and description. Timeliness monitoring through color-coded indicators for efficient tracking.

Reporting and Analytics

Generation of detailed visit reports for specific doctors. Graphical patient count reports aiding in decision-making.

Data Security and User Access Control

Data encryption ensures security of user data and passwords. Role-based access control for tailored user permissions.

Data Backup and Recovery

Automatic backups safeguard against potential data loss.


Email alerts for administrators on missed examinations. Task reminders for doctors to stay organized.

Edit Permissions

Doctors can edit entered data within a specified timeframe. Administrator control over data editing for maintaining integrity.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive UI is accessible across Various devices for a seamless experience.


In response to the client’s multifaceted requirements, we conceptualized and developed a robust CTMS. This is system incorporates a spectrum of features that cover patient data management, clinical examination tracking, secure user authentication, and encryption. The amalgamation of these elements creates a versatile tool that caters to the intricate demands of clinical trial management.


Tech Stack

Tech Stack Used

The Final Project

The culmination of our efforts is a Clinical Trial Management System that transcends the initial client expectations. The CTMS ensures ease of use for all stakeholders. Its integrated features not only address the immediate challenges of the client but also set the stage for a more efficient, secure, and organized approach to clinical research management. The CTMS stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that significantly contribute to the success of our clients’ endeavors in the field of clinical research.