Barber and Beauty Salon Booking App

What is


Wattba stands out in the dynamic beauty and grooming services arena as a revolutionary booking system. Designed to empower barbers, beauticians, and salon owners, it features a robust web app for service providers and a user-friendly mobile app for customers. 

Wattba reshapes the industry by seamlessly integrating technology with traditional services, providing a cutting-edge solution for streamlined and efficient business operations.


Web App for Service Provider

Sign Up Functionality

This feature allows the service provider to create personalized accounts that ensure secure and smooth access to Wattba platform.

Sign In Functionality

The Sign in functionality allows the service provider to return to or reopen their shops by simply signing in to the account they registered with earlier.

Business Creation

Wattba provides the opportunity for users to establish their businesses as a service provider, whether they own physical shop or offering home services

Detailed Business Management

Service providers can flexibly add multiple services, enlist stylists, and define working hours to effectively showcase their offerings.

Booking Management

Service providers have the feasibility to accept or cancel any booking, which allows them to maintain their schedules effectively.

Special Offers

To attract and hook the audience, Wattba allows service providers to create and promote special offers, boosting customer acquisition.

Tech Stack

Mobile App for Service Provider

User-friendly sign-up and sign-in

Customers who are looking for barbers can easily create their account and login to it to access Wattba.

Efficient Search Functionality

This seamless search function allows users to search for barbers according to their preference and shops that are nearby.

Intuitive Booking System

Users can book slots for required services according to their feasibility such as their location, time, date, etc.

Booking history

Wattba saves the booking history of each user for them to have a streamlined experience with accessing their past, upcoming, and canceled bookings.

Location Service

This feature provides exact location information with directions to the shop to provide a streamlined experience. Through this, users can also find nearby shops.

Shop Reviews

Users can leave a review for a service provider, and others can also view them before booking the service.

Business Hours Information

Users can view business hours information, such as opening or closing time of a shop, so they can book a service according to the provider’s availability.

Secure Payment Option

This feature provides exact location information with directions to the shop to provide a streamlined experience. Through this, users can also find nearby shops.





The development of Wattba resulted several benefits to both service providers and customers.

Final Product Outcome

Wattba effectively connects beauty and grooming service providers with their clients, presenting a platform that is both seamless and user-friendly. The incorporation of advanced features not only improves the efficiency of service providers but also ensures customers enjoy a convenient and personalized booking experience.