Software Testing and
QA services

Software testing and QA services by Kodexo Labs are able to build multiple strategies for quality assurance. We make sure that the software is highly secure and reliable. Also providing guidance in terms of facilitating along with the best processes for quality assurance. Additionally, you can easily use these services throughout the software development lifecycle. Our teammates are always delivering high-quality software and giving the best experiences as an outcome.

Why choose Kodexo labs for the services of Software quality assurance?

  • • Kodexo Labs is all about irreplaceable customer service.
  • • The main aim is to target the software quality provided to the clients.
  • • Easily to rely for business solutions for quality test and control.
  • • Making procedures and guidelines to document the most suitable           industrial practices.
  • • Implementation and  upgrading the systems by using our QA as the

Types of software and QA testing our company does

As the top software company, we aim to develop customized solutions. It is highly supportive to fulfill your business goals and working process. They require various kinds to test the software or application to carry out ongoing tasks.

We are offering the following types of QA/ software testing services and they are part of the software testing and QA services:

The team of developers automated testing scripts to check each step of software development. This testing is best for software betterment in a short time. It is helpful for the organization to promote its product along with quality maintenance.

It is for testing the software from the user’s point of view. It is a detailed software testing service including famous solutions such as installation, user accepting the service, error management, usability, and user interface.

Here, you will find the options through which we test the applications. Making it compatible with operating systems, devices, displays, and network infrastructure. This is for making the application/software user-friendly and detailed QA services among all.

This is for identifying the threats or any vulnerable threats existing in the network. Now, we are applying the models to develop the roadmap for speeding up your product.

This is specifically designed for the integration of the best suitable practices of QA services. It is included in the schedule for mobile and web development.

Scope of the activities in quality assurance service


Helpful in labor force reduction for repeating the testing processes again and again. Hiring people to conduct design strategies and conduct automated testing. It is for receiving  100% accurate results and makes quality consistent. This increases the durability of software quality service.

Acceleration in deliverables

Every stage accelerates the deliverables during the development phase with no compromise on coding quality. It receives proper coverage through testing automation. This is for bringing flexibility to the business models.

Software testing independently

The strategic QA services of Kodexo Labs guarantee the highest levels of working together along with the third-party software and in-house. It is essential for assessing the quality of the application and providing detailed insights.

Dedicated team to conduct QA testing

Our team has certified QA engineers that are implementing all the standard practices. Facilitating the high-performance, accurate outcomes, and high-performances of the software. This benefits in upgrading your business processes and leading to a higher position in the marketplace. They are playing a major role in every stage of software testing and QA services.


Katalon Studio, Jasmine, Nightwatch.js, Selenium

Testing management

Jira, Trello, Test Rail, Pivot Tracker, HP ALM


Browser stack 


Katalon Studio, Appium

API testing

Postman, Sports UI, Rest assured

Performance testing

 Blazemeter, Apache JMeter

These all assist and accelerate the processes involved in software testing and QA services.

Automated work cycle of
QA testing service

The implementation of an automated work cycle is along with the software development lifecycle. It is structured in such a way that helps out in carrying out the tasks. Also, the team members are available to go through the whole testing program. This methodology is followed by almost all QA companies including Kodexo Labs.

The first and foremost step is to understand the scope of the whole project. It includes the modules, cost, and test cases whether they are workable or not. These all factors are under consideration.

The next step is the selection of the correct tool to conduct the testing process. The QA engineers of Kodexo Labs conduct this step very carefully. Because the software testing and QA services are entirely dependent on them.

Moving ahead towards planning and designing the strategies. It includes the identification of the framework that has to be used. We build a series of testing procedures to test the application or software accordingly.

This specific phase is about the arrange a proper machine to conduct the testing scripts simultaneously. For this, we consider testing data, browsers, a framework for QA testing, license, and configuration of the tool.

After introducing the environment, here begin the testing scripts, and essential to get assurance regarding all of them are working accurately. We also make sure that the same results are received in multiple conditions. Although, some of the error arises and are included in the bug report. The teammates resolve it as early as possible.

The last step is to examine and maintain the software testing services. Here, the whole team starts working on the particular sections from where the errors were generated. This makes sure that whether to proceed with an acceptance or not. Maintenance in the automated work cycle is about testing whether the latest features are working properly or not. Its implementation is after the addition of the scripts and in need of inspection to carry out the software testing service.

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