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No more hurdle and hassle in arranging events from most effective and efficient event management application


Along with the rapid growth of technology, every sector requires good online services and management of their ongoing tasks. Employees face issues organizing an event in various organizations, particularly in different contexts. Event management was among the most hectic tasks and activities associated with it. The main problem is the centralization of information that leads to not appealing to the attendees. Similar timings also include managing audience tickets and setting the specific venue and timings. These activities are nearly impossible by using traditional methods. In Express Expo is an online event organizing and managing application. According to the management staff, this platform is available in Hong Kong and can assist in arranging events with just a few clicks. The purpose of developing this application is to synchronize and streamline all the activities related to events by using technology. 

Client's Challenge

It is imperative and necessary to understand the requirements of a client’s project. Our client from  Hong Kong is willing to have an event creation and management application. The main obstacle was arranging an event and ticket distribution. Furthermore, different activities are associated with it. They also wanted to distribute tickets and vouchers to the maximum number of people. We could understand their goals and objectives. .

Our Solution

After knowing the objectives and requirements, Kodexo Labs decided to develop this unique application. Agile SDLC is the right choice after making the project structure. This helps in involving the clients in various stages and delivering project progress. Our development team developed two interfaces on web and mobile applications after receiving approval from the client. 

In the Web Application, organizations can easily create, edit and update information about their events. They can inform and deliver the tickets to the attendees. Approval of the venue and entry fees is also mentioned. So, the attendees have no queries about the event. 

The mobile Application of In Express Expo shows all the event details to the users. In addition, some special vouchers are also received, and participating in lucky draws. 

The event management system’s whole structure benefits both organizers and participants. Now, proper management of every record.

Mobile App

Key Features

Event details:

Customers can easily create their profile just by providing basic information including name, email address, contact number, and home address. Then become a registered customer.


The tickets purchased by the users can be seen in the pocket section. But you need to become a registered user to buy them. There are two sections: used and unused tickets.

Profile settings:

You can easily register your profile by entering basic information. There is also an option for an invitation code for your friend and family. They receive the referral tickets in the pocket section.

Purchasing tickets:

All the tickets are available on the ticket tab along with the banners. However, nothing is visible whenever the entry is free.

Special campaigns:

After becoming a registered user and purchasing tickets, he can quickly enter the lucky draw. The admin notified him about winning the random draw to enjoy the special features.

Easier payments:

There are different payment methods available for the customer. So, they can pay cash on delivery or do payments online through debit/credit card.

Web App

Event organizer login:

They are part of the application for creating and managing events. They can add event pictures in the album section.

Booking management:

Organizations have access to arrange or cancel any event. They send all the event booking details to their customers and save every record.

Creating profile and events:

After profile creation, organizations can use their account to arrange events. Four crucial PDF files are available: floorplan, exhibitor list, directory, and stage activities. These files mention all the essential information related to the whole event.

Tracking order:

In this feature, the tracking is in real-time so the customer receives the exact food delivery time.

Result & Benefits




 Increase In Traffic


 Vendors signed contract


Customers Signups

• The development of In Express Expo is for aligning events with essential details with a simple mobile application. The user can view the date, time, venues, and registration fees. 

• This application notifies all about the events along with their tickets. Even special offers are available for the customers to enjoy additional activities. 

• Minimizing the printing costs and using less labor force show a prominent decrease in the budget. Carry out all the tasks online with ease and no limits. 

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