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Now no more food craving with the most user-friendly food ordering mobile app - Foodopea

foodopea - Mobile app


foodopea mobile app

Ordering food online is among the fastest growing and most popular businesses these days. It connects the restaurants on one side and customers on the other. People are always willing to order food online from their desired restaurants. But it is hectic and time-consuming to search for their contacts and look for the menu cards, and dishes available along their prices. Here presents the restaurant delivery system as a suitable and convenient way for ordering food online via Foodopea mobile app. Yes, so no more going to restaurants anymore. You can simply use a food delivery system and within a few clicks, and the  delicious food arrives at your location. For more information and details, go through this restaurant delivery system case study.

foodopea - mobile app

Our Solution

In recent years, Kodexo Labs aims to bring innovation in this technological era by offering customized software development services. After understanding the requirements of the food ordering system, the team of Kodexo Labs has overcome the application development challenges. Later, when the discussion is over then proceed towards the application development. As the part of software development life cycle (SDLC), Agile development helps in producing the restaurant delivery system. It provides a proper framework for various activities that are part of the system and deliver every stage by following the timeline. This methodology can accept the changes whenever it is required.

Key Features

Mobile App

Creating a profile on the application

It permits the customer to search for different restaurants depending on his location

Add to cart:

It is helpful for the customer to place the orders at one place from different restaurants.

Availability of order history:

Through this unique feature, the customers can place the same order again and no more searching again.

Searching and selecting from different food categories:

This is the main feature of the whole application. The customer can log in to the application after the completion of registration. He can search the restaurants nearest to his location. So, it is easier for him to order the food.

Address book:

Here, the customer can choose whether to deliver food to his location or pick-up from the restaurant.

Easier payments:

There are different payment methods available for the customer. So, they can pay cash on delivery or do payments online through debit/credit card.

Web App

Search Menu:

Through this, the customer can search for different restaurants depending on his location

Order placed:

Just in a few clicks, you can order your favorite dish through this food delivery system.

Payment integration:

There are payment gateways that allow the customers to pay the bills from credit card or debit card.

Tracking order:

In this feature, the tracking is in real-time so the customer receives the exact food delivery time.

Web Admin Panel

Managing the orders from the dashboard:

The purpose of the admin panel is to manage all the orders visible on the dashboard. This happens by adding, deleting, and updating the food delivery application regularly from the dashboard only by the admin.

Creating menu and deals:

This allows the admin to create a menu according to the local, continental, fast food, and cuisines. All of them are available according to their region. So, the admin can receive the order from customer specifications. He can also make deals for the customers depending on the menu of the restaurant.

Monitoring the orders:

This tab is helpful for the admin to monitor and manage the orders. The management of the orders is according to the name, and address of the customer along with the items ordered. Even the order status is also visible.

Creating admin profile:

Admin can easily create his profile. Different options are also available in it including resetting the password, editing, and updating the profile.

Result & Benefits

• It helps in bringing enhancements to business-related operations.

• Always beneficial in terms of boosting sales by analyzing the insights and working according to them conveniently.

• The customer management system works efficiently through GPS without any delay in the orders.

• Your brand is also promoted by receiving positive reviews from customers on social networking websites.

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